West Midlands Police Traffic Unit Gets Tough on Close Passes

West Midlands Traffic Police

From: WMP Traffic

When the West Midlands Police started the Safer Cycling concept, they needed some direction. With the help of their in-house analysts at the Central Motorway Police Group, who crunched figures, drew conclusions and gave recommendations, the results were as expected, well as expected as they might be to those with experience of dealing with collisions involving cyclists.

With one of the most common complaints from cyclists being the close pass scenario, the classic due care and attention offence, it was no surprise that cyclists put this at the top of their priority list for attention, but what was more surprising was that when the police looked more closely at the data, they found that the close pass scenario was far from being the greatest threat to cyclists on their regions roads.

75% of KSI RTC’s involving cyclists in the West Midlands from 2010 to 2014 occurred within 20 metres of a junction, involving a cyclist and “another” vehicle. Further analysis showed that the majority of KSI RTC’s in the West Midlands involving cyclists occur when a car has pulled out of a junction in front of a cyclist that is mid- junction because the car driver has failed to spot the cyclist.

West Midlands Police Traffic Unit - Close Pass

So they decided on a course of action to make a positive difference for cyclists on the roads of their region, including employing a cycle-based police unit to catch offenders in the act.

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