The Reluctant Cyclist

The Reluctant Cyclist

Jacquie Chischillie (The Reluctant Cyclist) used to be a runner. She has completed over a dozen marathons and half marathons, and 7 years ago met someone on a fitness singles website who was a cyclist.

She now owns just one pair of running shoes but has accumulated five bikes; a Gunnar Sport (Steel is Real), a vintage Mercian, a Cannondale tandem, a Salsa Vaya, and the latest addition is a Tern folding bike. Her wardrobe has gone from running shorts and shirts to padded bike shorts and jerseys, and she started her blog to share her experiences as a reluctant cyclist.

The Reluctant Cyclist - Mercian in L'Eroica Britannia 2014
The Reluctant Cyclist – Mercian in L’Eroica Britannia 2014 (a long way from home!)

She lives in Cincinnati, OH with her partner (the bike junkie) and in 2014 rode across Iowa in RAGBRAI, and conquered Great Britain’s Peak District in L’Eroica Britannia, the inaugural year.

Well written and easy to get into, Jacquie’s blog is a great read and refreshingly straight-forward and “fluff” free. The photos document and complement her stories well and it’s a shame she doesn’t write a little more often; but then maybe that’s the magic of this blog, maybe more would spoil it.

The Reluctant Cyclist - Young’s Dairy Rally Ride
The Reluctant Cyclist – Young’s Dairy Rally Ride

If you are looking for a simple and well written cycling blog to enjoy on your lunch break, or train ride, or sat in a cafe on your Sunday group ride, we think you’ll enjoy The Reluctant Cyclist.