Russian bike culture: Let’s Bike It

2016 Let's bike it - Russian bike culture

Russian cycling development project Let’s bike it! is a non-profit and non-political organization, made by young people. Their main goal is to promote bicycles as a means of transport.

Vladimir Kumov, the author of the idea and the curator of the project:

“The idea of the project struck me as I was in Argentina. I was overwhelmed how fast the bicycle lanes were laid all over Buenos Aires! I asked myself: why couldn’t we make the same in Moscow and Russia on the whole?”

They started their project in April, 2010. The first step was the cycling trip from St. Petersburg, Russia to Lisbon, Portugal to draw the attention of the Russian people to the capacity of a bicycle and to gain information about the bicycle movement in Europe. As a result of the trip there was a documentary. It has been shown already in more than 80 cities all over the world.

Henrikas Juskevicius, Adviser of the Director-General of UNESCO:

“It would be wonderful, if you succeed in spreading your idea!”

Two years of work on the project enabled them to carry out the first bicycle parade Let’s bike it! in Moscow on May 20th, 2012. Over 8000 participants rode various bicycles and trikes down the blocked quay of the Moscow river from the “Luzhniki” stadium to the Vasilevskiy slope and back, voicing their support for the development of cycling infrastructure. Many well-known people from the Russian bureaucracy took part in the parade, including the general director of the Moscower underground, the head of The Cultural Department, and The Department of Transport and also many businessmen and journalists.

In 2016 they rode 14 kilometers along the embankments of the Moscow River from the Kremlin and back:

2016 Let's bike it - Russian bike culture 2016 Let's bike it - Russian bike culture

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