Laura ZABO – Upcycled Belts and Vegan Accessories Made From Reused Bicycle Tyres

Laura Zabo - Sustainable Fashion

The ZABO story began in Tanzania, Africa. I was on a long journey revelling in the beauty of the country, the wild open spaces, the magnificently warm and generous people, the heat and the warm, vibrant colours. Stopping on the way I found something new and immediately fell in love with the handmade and brightly painted sandals made from reused tyres!

Laura Zabo - Shoes in Africa

The tyre recycling idea captivated me instantly, a stunning combination of beautiful items, which I’ve always liked, and a recycling solution to a persistent problem. Tyres are by their very nature a recycling headache, they are difficult to break down and reuse and often just pile up becoming an eyesore and taking up valuable space, holding precious resources.

The abundance of trash is a tremendous problem for our planet, and we need make more room for ideas that help us get rid of it or those that transform the excess – instead of producing more and more. Sharing this innovative solution had to be a good thing to do!”

Laura Zabo - Belts


“I truly believe that creativity and recycling can make a big change on this planet and we can live in a cleaner world.

This is a new age in sustainable fashion so wear upcycled accessories that are eco-friendly and unique. Be special and leave the routine behind you.

OUR GOODS ARE ABSOLUTELY LEATHER FREE, perfect gifts for vegan, vegetarian friends – and handmade in LONDON”

Laura Zabo - Belts Boxed

Laura’s recycled tyre belts will make perfect gifts for your loved ones, cyclists, vegans and eco-conscious fiends and relatives.

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