Cycling Clubs and Blog Hosting

Affordable, reliable shared website hosting for cyclists - by cyclists.


Essentials - £3.00 / mo*

Ideal for your first blog or simple club page, with low monthly traffic and a single mailbox.

Disk Space (SSD): 1GB
Bandwidth: 10GB
FTP Accounts: 1
Email Accounts: 3
Email List: 0
Maria Databases: 1
Subdomains: 0

Standard - £5.00 / mo*

Our most commonly selected plan, allowing for more traffic and mailboxes, and a bigger website.

Disk Space (SSD): 3GB
Bandwidth: 50GB
FTP Accounts: 1
Email Accounts: 10
Email List: 1
Maria Databases: 3
Subdomains: 1

Premium - £7.00 / mo*

For bigger and busier sites that need more mailboxes, multiple databases, and mailing lists.

Disk Space (SSD): 5GB
Bandwidth: 90GB
FTP Accounts: 2
Email Accounts: 15
Email List: 2
Maria Databases: 5
Subdomains: 3

Pro - £9.00 / mo*

Our most feature-rich hosting package with lots more bandwidth, for those really busy sites.

Disk Space (SSD): 10GB
Bandwidth: 150GB
FTP Accounts: 2
Email Accounts: 20
Email List: 3
Maria Databases: 5
Subdomains: 5